By: Melissa Ratliff

I was listening to Lore. I gravitate towards strange, but just out of reach of horror. It was a fall evening and I was walking my dog on the greenway. The episode was about little hairy creatures that approached a man while he was out walking in the woods. Speaking a strange chittery language, they beckoned him to follow (which, he smartly did not). I knew it wasn’t real. I knew I was in the city. But did that stop me from quickening my pace, constantly looking over my shoulder, and jumping at every sound? No. No it did not.


By: Megan Cramer

Susie sat on the couch in front of the television, salivating as she raptly watched the documentary about the master chefs.

They sliced and diced and cut and cubed and tasted and tested.

They added spice and sauce and seared and sauteed and foamed and frothed.

They iterated and innovated and inspired.


“Those chefs thought OUTSIDE of the BOX!!!”


And she continued to watch them do it, drooling a bit as she existed inside of her own “box”: brazenly sipping her boxed wine from a mason jar, cheesy popcorn residue on her fingertips.

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