The Night in Question

By: Laura K.

It says who took the photo, on the side…but I don’t remember.

If you know me, you can tell I’m tipsy, but it’s not too bad. My hair looks fantastic.  

Obviously I didn’t know then he would be a senator.

Or that she’d be an energy lobbyist.

Who even leaked this?

Xavier, only six, will just be excited: “Mommy’s in the newspaper!” Taylor is eleven though and this will need some explaining.  No, we didn’t have Instagram back in college. Sometimes we do stupid stuff…but that’s okay. Just live your life.

I’m still running. And I’ll still win.

Meet Cute

By: Laura K.

They met at a club. Some unseen asshole bumped into her, and she into him. Lemme replace your drink?

He rarely went out; work was exhausting. But it was too much lately. The yelling, the paranoia. He’d wanted to stand up for his values. Serve a greater purpose. What a joke.

They were at his place before she even asked  — a minor miracle, in this town. “So, what do you do?”

He cringed. Should he lie? Fuck it.

“Holy shit! …Can I admit I’m not really into politics?”

He felt amazing, loose, free.    
She smiled inwardly. This was going perfectly.  

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