If Only You Knew

By: Ed Dzitko

If you only knew how much energy it took to go up and down those stairs, following you;

If you only knew how long those walks really were when you count steps times four;

If you only knew what it took to smell those smells and add mine to the mix;

If you only knew how much courage it took for me to bark at those big dogs and protect you;

If you only knew what it took to run up and down the same hallway, grabbing the same toy, to entertain you;

You’d be ready for a rest, too.


By: Lauren Spagnoletti

The smell is the same every year. It was the same at five, ten, twenty. The same before kids as it is after kids.

The smell of spring.

Somehow the warmth in the air, coupled with the scent of the blooming flowers, smells like hope and possibility. There’s so much to be done when it’s beautiful outside, and no longer dark and cold.

The yearning to be in nature doesn’t change as you grow older. You still crave running and playing and soaking it all in. But you crave it more now, because you also crave it for your children.

Aunt Life

By: Melissa Ratliff

It started with the figure 8 rocking. Keeping watch while your parents were out. As each aged, so did the fun. Building inside forts. Dance parties. Making up pirate names as we walked to the playground. Wearing costumes. Running around with light sabers. Treasure hunts. Doing hair and makeup. Roaring as loud as dinosaurs. Taking silly pictures. Jumping into pools. Hunting for frogs. Theatre shows. Treading carefully over bridges so as not to wake the trolls. Building sandcastles. Craft projects. Sleepovers. Cuddling up to watch Clone Wars. Hugs and kisses. An endless stream of giggles. Aunt life fits me perfectly.

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