The Phone Call

By: Lauren Spagnoletti

“He’s dead,” my brother said, as the phone in his hand slid into his lap and he reached for his brow, his head bowed. My face went numb, and then my whole body felt warm. All my organs twisted, and I was aware that the first stage of grief – denial – was descending upon me.

He’s can’t be dead, I thought. I didn’t say goodbye.

Freefalling while sitting in an armchair is possible.

There was no flashback of life’s most precious moments. Just a void. And the slow realization flooding my veins that I could never call my father again.  

The Male Nurse

By: Andrew Dahl

Caitlin has a thing for the male nurse, the brawny one, his movements and manner tender and languid like she thinks only a gay man’s can be. But it is ok that he will (likely) not sleep with her. Better, even. This way she can keep the fantasy intact—and the gravitational pull of the fantasy is the only thing keeping her alive in this hell. The male nurse is currently breaking up the pills that go into her father’s feeding tube. He does it with a grace that makes her want to tear at her flesh, pluck out her eyes.

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