If Only You Knew

By: Ed Dzitko

If you only knew how much energy it took to go up and down those stairs, following you;

If you only knew how long those walks really were when you count steps times four;

If you only knew what it took to smell those smells and add mine to the mix;

If you only knew how much courage it took for me to bark at those big dogs and protect you;

If you only knew what it took to run up and down the same hallway, grabbing the same toy, to entertain you;

You’d be ready for a rest, too.

Wake-Up Call

By: Melissa Ratliff

It was the clickety-clank of her nails against the hardwoods that woke me up. As simple as that – clickety-clank. It wasn’t even that loud. But it broke the silence and broke through my dreams to semi-consciousness. I can tell it’s too early and she knows I’m not a morning person. I try to peer out of half-closed eyes to keep from really waking. I spy her standing there. She’s silhouetted in the doorframe. She’s just staring. She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t come closer, she just stares. She doesn’t need to do anything. She knows I’ll rise to take her out.

Finding the Crease

By: Lauren Spagnoletti

He toppled out of the little bag that held him, and into my brother’s apartment. His small body shook, nervous about this new environment. I sat on the rug, with my foot tucked under me. He found the crease in my leg, curled into a ball, and was calm. Now he is wiser, grouchier, and quite bold. There’s grey around his eyes, and the brown on his face is long gone, replaced by white. But every night on the couch when we get comfortable under a blanket, he curls into a ball in the crease between us, and falls asleep.

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