Can’t See Likes

By: Miriam Walden

What I’m doing with my life

Refurbishing donated instruments for my third grade music classroom. Biking to work. Making French press coffee (black). Planting fall bulbs. Writing my book in my head. Braiding bread dough. Calling my sister to plan the revolution. Reading. Playing Uno with my nephew. Freezing my leftovers (I always cook for an army–looking for that army). Showing up. Doing the damn thing. Voting.

Six things I could never do without

My tent

Pen and paper


Summertime peaches

Laughter in the middle of a song

You should message me if

it doesn’t bother you I’m married.

Beers and Bowling

By: Alexis McGuinness

Brown hair. Hazel eyes. 5’4” (it says 5’5” on my license.) I like swing dancing, bowling, and reading trashy romance novels. I’m a Cali girl – prefer beach to mountains. Dogs, not cats. I tend to listen more than I talk, but that doesn’t mean I want you to monologue at me. Favorite movie, “Go.” Watch it. Terminally ill (expected 3 mo.) Won’t discuss it. Let’s just have some fun. No kids and ambivalent about single parents. It’s your call. Mild nut allergy so I take my chocolates pure. Perfect date: beer, bowling and… you take it from there.

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