The In Between

By: Alexis McGuinness

The in between places are where I’m least and most comfortable. I’d rather not determine anything, but I want to control the outcomes. Put me in the middle of two bodies, walking side-by-side. Let me feel the warmth pass through layers of clothing and skin and marrow. Then I need out, to think my thoughts without pressure in my ears.

For the spelling bee, I’m learning how to name each letter in the right order: L I M I N A L and P U R G A T O R Y. There’s room enough for me between the letters, to lie down and rest. To lean against the curvy O or rigid A. When I wake, I hope I remember what comes next.

Cold Tea

By: Melissa Ratliff

The skies are the kind of gray that made her want to hunker down and stay in bed. But Mac rises and walks to the kitchen to put on a kettle for a cup of tea. The rain falls heavily outside her window. She finds a warm sweater and puts it on over her jammies.
The kettle calls and she pours the steaming water into her favourite black mug with blue circles. Taking it to the couch, she fluffs the side pillow and settles in. Grabbing her book, she dives into a whole new world. Her tea slowly goes cold.

Finding the Crease

By: Lauren Spagnoletti

He toppled out of the little bag that held him, and into my brother’s apartment. His small body shook, nervous about this new environment. I sat on the rug, with my foot tucked under me. He found the crease in my leg, curled into a ball, and was calm. Now he is wiser, grouchier, and quite bold. There’s grey around his eyes, and the brown on his face is long gone, replaced by white. But every night on the couch when we get comfortable under a blanket, he curls into a ball in the crease between us, and falls asleep.

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