By: Laura K.

We meet at a cafe, order cappuccino and chocolate croissants. I exclaim over how adorable he is, and I’m not faking. Even just a year in, myself, I forget how little they are.

“So. How are you?”

An exhausted exhale. “Oh my god. It’s so hard.”

So hard. Nobody tells you.”

“I mean, they try. But you don’t really get it, till…”

I nod. “They’re just so completely helpless.”

She smiles. “But…”  and I smile too, knowing.

The corollary. The intoxicating truth you don’t say out loud.  

They need you for everything…and, for right now, you’re everything they need.


By: Laura K.


Olivia sucks in breath, screams again. She grips the bars desperately, willing the door to open.

Nobody will come; she knows that in her heart. But she has to try.

They can’t just leave her here forever. Can they?

Why is she being held here? When did she last eat? Her memories are all jumbled.

Nobody comes, of course. She’s out of breath from the screaming.

She thuds her head against the bars, dejected. Tears stream down her face. It’s useless.

A sudden wedge of light. The door opens.

It’s Mommy! Hi Mommy!  Up please! Life is wonderful!

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