By: Steve Fite

I’ve invented a word.  It’s called an “Acknowledgy.”

It’s when someone is supposed to offer an apology, but falls just short.  In fact, it sounds like an apology, but really they’re only acknowledging what that did.  

Let’s say, for example, you’re at a restaurant and the bill comes, and you see there’s a whiskey and potato skins you didn’t order adding another $25.  You point it out to the waitress and she looks right at you, not blinking, and lets you know that she did it on purpose, hoping you wouldn’t notice.

“Oh!  Yeah, I did.  Be right back.”


100 Decisions

By: Steve Fite

He stood motionless, nothing to say or do. It was done.
He’d watched so many people do it before him. They didn’t think it through. They came up with excuses as to why it was necessary, even though deep down they knew it was wrong.
It wasn’t until he’d saw the hurt he’d caused that he realized his reasoning was just an excuse, too.
He wasn’t better, or more enlightened, or somehow more deserving of the victory. He just stood, realizing that no amount of honesty or apology would change what he did, or the inescapable pain that would follow.

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