By: Laura K.

Since I was two I loved being the older one. I love giving advice. Our lives weren’t identical of course, but just from having arrived on this earth a little earlier, I’d been there, so I could offer my perspectives.

Then there was so much that you had to go through alone. I could be there with you, but I had no insight to offer.

Now, mostly, I just miss you.

But sometimes, though I’m not proud of it, I have an incongruous pang of jealousy: that you get to know all the secrets of the universe first.

Any advice?


By: Laura K.

One night, coming out of the Mexican restaurant a block away from my old high school, present/future me sees past/present me.

We make eye contact, so I wave. I wave back.

Where to start…prom date? Colleges? Career advice?

So much to share. Aysha, brilliant and gorgeous. Holding the twins. Sunset in Cape Town. Buy Apple!

But… Divorcing Rebecca. Will’s death. Unemployment.

So I shake my head, smiling ruefully.  

I nod; I understand. But! I have to know. I raise my hand in an “OK” gesture, eyebrows raised. “…?”

A pause. I nod, and smile reassuringly.

We pass on.

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