Pretty in Pink

By: Melissa Ratliff

Her fingers would have bled if she had had any blood left. Any idea the force needed to claw yourself out of a casket 6 feet underground? Consequently, her nails were ruined and bone was definitely showing. And the dirt – ugh. Her hair must’ve been a hot mess.
But it had to be done. What the fuck were they thinking burying her in pink? She would have stayed put, but pink? PINK?!? That was the last straw and someone had to pay…
Streetlights flickered as she lumbered towards her old life, fists balled, face snarled, vengeance in her dead eyes.

3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

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    1. I really, really hate pink! And it is constantly rammed down our throats as girls and women. I told my parents this story was a not so subtle warning on what would happen…


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