When Two Become One

By: Megan Cramer

I’m looking for true union, true one-ness. Your thoughts are my thoughts, my hopes are your hopes. I see us walking along the beach, not just holding hands, but fully surgically joined at the hip. My brother is a plastic surgeon and can get me a good deal. When we get married, we will both legally change our names so that we have the same name. Then we can tattoo each other’s faces on our faces. My cousin has a tattoo shop and can give us a discount. I look forward to building this new life with you. Together. As One.

3 thoughts on “When Two Become One

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  1. Riiiight!?! That sweater pic is actually one I took myself a couple of Christmases ago. A couple walked into a Christmas themed bar with that ridiculous uni-sweater. It grossed me out so much.


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